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14 Common Misconceptions About Pellet Grill

Pellet grills or also known, as pellet smokers are that kind of cooking devices that can be placed outdoors where combination of gas grills and charcoal smokers are used and being fueled by wood pellets. Smoking and barbequing are supposed to be a lot of work when these types of pellet grills are not yet introduced.

These pellet grills are now the top trends in today’s market but there are some cons about how they use these magical devices. Here are the 14 common myths about pellet grills other people should already disregard.

14 Common Misconceptions About Pellet Grill

One Will Know The Temperature Of The Grill By Holding One’s Hand Above It

Holding the hand over the grill can positively tell the exact hotness or temperature of the grill. This is according to some people who believe on this fact.

It is a very questionable statement since one will not know what is the exact measurement of temperature because there is no digital indicator by hands unless you will use the indicator of the device that tells the temperature.

Grill Must Be Very Hot Then Sear The Meat First And Foremost

One thought that they could control the temperature and do the right kind of grilling by having two types of heat zones. One side is hot and the other is not hot.

Also, if the heated part is through the direct radiant heat while the other is just getting by the convection heat. Then with a charcoal grill, one can put all the burned hot coals to one side and thereby on that part; there is an increase temperature.

This is really the opposite of what it should be. The best known style of cooking is the reverse sear wherein one starts cooking on the indirect side and letting it to warm and bathe in smoke, then by slowly warming the meat, it will be cooked properly and the enzymes will be there to tenderize the whole meat.(

Meat Being Seared Tightly Also Seals In The Juices

We must all know that meat comprises of 70% water and when meat is being heated, it definitely squeezes out the extra juices and some drips off during the grilling process while the remaining will gradually evaporate.

When there is sizzling sound, it means water is touching on the hot metal. Seared meat turns out to be dried out due to high heat and you would later found out that the meat you once thought of being so heavy will become less in weight.

Although, when meat is seared well, brownish colored meat will be present and it shows the firmness on the surface that is an indication of tasting great already.

All Marinades Penetrate Deep Within The Meat and Should Therefore Tenderize It.

Marinades are badly needed especially to those thicker cuts of meat. As I mentioned earlier that meat has 75% of water and it is a protein rich food so it is already almost full that the molecules of some marinades are difficult to pass through.

For the finer salt it will pass somehow because it will electrically charged but with the other molecules it is difficult so even the overnight marinated meat rarely penetrate in the meat.

One Will Know If Chicken Or Other Poultry Meat Is Cooked Well Because Juices Are Cleared

If this were the case then one would end up overcooking not only the chicken but also other meats as well. Turns out that there will no be fixed temperature as to what extent the poultry meat is really cooked so the color of juices can still remain pinkish in color.

Also color cannot be the only thing to determine if whether or not any poultry meat is cooked already. The most reliable factor and guide is still the temperature.

Always Put Some Oil In The Grill Grates To Keep The Food From Sticking As Always

Many books will say this kind of information that swabbing the cooking grates with oil will help prevent food or any poultry meat to stick in the grates. Well, sometimes it would work and also the opposite.

They say that mostly, it would still depend on the temperature of the grill grates and the best move is to always pour some oil on the food because the cold food will keep the oil from even cracking or burning.

If The Btu (British Thermal Unit/Hour) Rating Is Higher, The Grill Will Become Hotter

Some manufacturers of grills make BTU (British Thermal Unit/Hour) rating as their indicative factor for measuring energy. Frankly speaking, BTU rating is not an indicative factor of a certain heat that a grill can truly generate.

BTU is only derived from calculation of gas pressure, the opening size in the gas valve and which kind of gas is being used. So the more fuel being used means more BTU and not the heat it will produce.

It Would Be Better If There Is More Smoke Produced

A clear faint of blue smoke is still the best among all. It can be barely seen by the naked eyes because it is made up of very tiny and invisible particles that are made by hot and very fast burning fires. Blue smoke is always better because it also makes the food tastes better than the white thick smoke.

Pellets Used Are Very Much Complicated To Use

It is the total opposite since pellets come in different kinds of flavors. The available flavors are maple, bourbon, hickory, pecan, cherry, apple, maple and so on. They can be interchange and mixed in minutes and mainly depends on which type of food or poultry one is cooking,

Pellet Grill Are Very Expensive To Purchase

Price point will decrease if a technology behind it improves. So purchasing a pellet grill will make it relatively inexpensive. There can still be very high quality reviewed pellet grills on the market. So it is better to look for one and read the reviews rather than assuming at all.

Wood Pellets Contain Harmful Chemicals

Actually for those Environmentalists and are health conscious these days, wood pellets are now the ones considered to be safe and are better fueling options.

Wood pellets are considered to be biofuels and came from natural and renewable energy sources and these are from the trees. So these wood pellets do not contain any harmful chemicals at all.

They Say It Is Not Real Bbq Unless One Will Use “Stick Burner” Grill Or Smoker

In some suburb areas in United States, they have laws against wood burning devices in the front yard or backyard in neighborhood. Pellet grills are still considered to be a grill and for most part, it does not violate any laws at all.

Pellet Griller Takes Longer To Cook Compared To The Recipe Itself

The determination of cooking time will greatly depend on the type of poultry one is cooking or any food to cook. Take for example the poultry. Here, proteins can totally vary in size, density and fat content. So it is not in the pellet griller if the cooking time takes longer than what you expect.

It Is Not Allowed To Put Water Pan In A Pellet Griller

Little amount of water will not cause any harm or problems to the pellet grill. In fact, this would be a helpful way to keep humidity in the cooking chamber and thus aids in moistening the food especially if it is poultry that one is cooking.

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