Best Toaster Oven in 2021
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The Best Toaster Oven Reviews for 2021

Choosing the right best toaster oven can be anything but easy – while it used to be true that there were only a handful of different offers on the market at any one time (and almost all of them offering in either black or white color schemes), today’s consumer is faced with an almost endless amount of different products to choose from.

There are products that are top of the industry in toasting and do nothing else to almost kitchen multitools that are a jack of all trades and master of none – all leading to all kinds of stress and anxiety in choosing the right machine for your needs.

On top of all of the different features (or lack thereof) that you’ll need to wade through, you’ll also have to make sure you choose a reputable company and manufacturer – something that’s become harder and harder and both easier and easier as we go along (you’ll soon see what I mean).

In an effort to help people choose the best products for their particular needs and to highlight some of the best toaster oven solutions, the following toaster oven reviews were created.

This should spread some light on the topic and give you the kind of insight you need to make the right decision moving forward. Let’s get started!

Best Toaster Oven Reviews on 2021

1. Breville BOV800XL – The Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ

Maybe one of the true titans of high end kitchen appliances, you would be hard pressed to find any toaster oven reviews list that didn’t feature a Breville on it – and you would have an equally high chance of it being this particular model.

As close to a commercial grade toaster oven as you’ll get without actually owning a hotel or restaurant, this is the kind of high end product that puts most others to shame. Designed with the latest and greatest tools and technologies to control the convection heating system used within, this particular machine will do most of the thinking for you.

Quite literally a “set it and forget it” kind of solution, the Breville is tops on a number of different toaster oven reviews – for its building quality (commercial grade stainless steel all around), its incredible power (1800 watt cooking power), and its ease of use and maintenance (all cooking surfaces are coated with non-stick material to keep your machine at peak performance at all times) – it would be tough to fault them.

2. Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler

Another of the big boys in the kitchen appliance world, Cuisinart has been making some pretty incredible products for decades – and this toaster oven is no different.

Probably the best looking of the best air fryer toaster ovens on this toaster oven reviews list, you’ll find few things to fault in the style and design of this Cuisinart model.

Made almost entirely out of shiny and buffed up stainless steel with chrome looking accents, the entire model looks like it the ideal blend of classic 1960s design and future technology – but it’s so much more than just a looker.

Packing the same high quality 1800 watt heating element that the Breville above is but offering some different methods of deploying it, you’ll be able to quickly heat and toast your food with no drying out – something that very few products on the marketplace can claim.

Too many solutions in the industry look to speed up cooking and heating times but haven’t refined their elements to not dry the food out, but you’ll never have to worry about that with the Cuisinart.

The only complaint that some toaster oven reviews have mentioned (and it has been mentioned a couple of times) is the fact that the oven is not as big as some other solutions and products on the market, making it a little less useable than some less than stellar offerings.

3. Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie

There are a couple of things that really stand out when you consider the toaster oven from Hamilton Beach, and they hit your right off the bat. The first is that whoever was in charge of designing the thing must be stuck in some early 2000s kind of time warp – far from the sexy lines and clean look of an Apple product, this looks like exactly what it is – a workhorse of a toaster oven.

Choosing to go with function over form in a big way, don’t let the almost Plain Jane looks of the Hamilton Beach toaster oven fool you – most all toaster oven reviews talk about how accomplished this product is and how happy people are to have it in their homes.

One of the larger units on the marketplace you’ll be able to enjoy heating or cooking of up to TWO pizzas at one time – yes, that’s right – two pizzas. What might be even more shocking to you though is the fact that even for a beast of this size you could still expect to use up to 49% less energy when cooking and heating with this product.

I don’t know how they were able to do it, but they folks behind the Hamilton Beach toaster oven have made this monster one of the most energy efficient on the market, a fact that doesn’t go unnoticed by all of the top of the line toaster oven reviews.

4. Black & Decker TRO480BS Toast-R-Oven 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Finally we come to a kitchen staple across the world – the Black & Decker toaster oven. The odds are stacked that your first toaster oven was a B&D, and you wouldn’t be alone.

One of the more popular producers of all kinds of appliances and tools, there is a very real reason that this product is snapped up by so many different people every single year (and it’s not just the fact that it’s so amazingly cheap).

With a 1200 watt heating element leading the charge you won’t have as much power or speed as you would with some of the other products on this toaster oven reviews list, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still be surprised by the quality of this product.

Definitely one of the better made solutions on the market, this would fall in the entry or basic level of toaster ovens, but it shouldn’t be overlooked – especially if you have no use for the bells and whistles of the much more expensive products listed above.

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